About Us

The 79 Asset Group Inc. is a leading edge technology company that is revolutionizing and expanding the precious metal extraction industry. The 79 Asset Group Inc. is the parent company which owns both subsidiaries the 79 Products Group LLC.

The 79 Group of companies specializes in "Complex Ores” or "Refractory Ore" rather than "Free Gold” ores that is mined by traditional mining companies. We process this complex ore through our proprietary methods that comes from both traditional mines, tailing locations and non-traditional mining locations. Some of the best ore can also be found in what would be considered non-traditional mining locations. Because that most traditional mining locations with high gold content have been play out many years ago even the major companies like NEWMONT MINING are investing in "Refractory Ore" locations and plants. (See article about Newmont Mining Refractory ore plant.)

We have developed with the use of new technology involving our proprietary methods of working with complex ore at our "Off Mining Site” locations. This complex ore is not refined by any traditional refiners therefore we have pioneered through our own "Pre-Refining”  process along with the ability to extract high levels of microscopic precious metals in this complex ore to create an entirely new mining opportunity.

 We are at the exact same time as when the oil & gas industry was when the development of new technologies that opened up opportunities with shale, by using both horizontal drilling and fracing techniques to successfully expand the industry.

Our growth plans include opening new  pre-refining plants throughout the United States as well as outside the country.

Almost all mining locations worldwide could benefit from our services to expand their extraction methods using our new technology. This also includes millions of tons of tailings at old mine locations. These tailings from old mines used 100 year old technology and only removed the precious metals they could see. We remove precious metals at a microscopic level thus a whole new industry is at our investors grasp.

In essence, we’ve stepped into the future and developed the most advanced technology in precious metal extraction from complex ores for tomorrow.